3 Easy Ways To Record More Impressive Videos With A GoPro


No action camera is quite as popular as the GoPro, and its brand has become almost synonymous with the genre. It is favored by adrenaline junkies, sports enthusiasts, and all sorts of adventurers due to its versatility and ability to capture stunning videos.

If you want to take advantage of your GoPro to record more impressive videos, there are a few easy ways that you can get started:

  • Mount it everywhere and capture unique videos

One of the main advantages of GoPro cameras is that they can be mounted practically anywhere – and you should make it a point to use that. Nowadays there is a huge range of GoPro mounts available that you can use to mount the camera wherever you need to.

Some of the more common types of mounts are tripod, suction, adhesive, helmet or chest mounts – but there are many others to choose from. By leveraging the options that are available, you can find ways to capture truly unique video footage.

  • Always record in the highest resolution possible

Unless for very specific reasons, you should always record GoPro videos in the highest resolution possible. Some of the newer models even support 4K video recording – which is great.

By recording at high resolutions, your video definition will look better. More importantly however you will be able to take advantage of the additional resolution to use software stabilization later on without affecting the overall video quality too badly.

Considering GoPro cameras are often used to record videos while moving rapidly (and inevitably shake quite a bit) this can make a world of difference to your videos.

  • Experiment with different Field of View (FOV) settings

Generally GoPro cameras have a selection of FOV settings that include SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear, and Narrow. It is easiest to think of these settings as a way to control how zoomed in and focused to the center of the shot the video that you record will be.

For most mounted or action shots you will want to try either the SuperView or Wide setting to capture as expansive a scene as possible. On the other hand for recording content that is further away or scenery you may want to use one of the Medium to Narrow settings.

The more you experiment with each FOV setting the easier you’ll find it to pick the one that you need to record impressive videos.

In addition to recording impressive videos with your GoPro, it will help if you have a GoPro video editing software that you can use to improve your videos and cut together content. For example you could try Movavi Video Editor if you want a user-friendly option.

Make no mistake there are few cameras that can capture videos in quite the same way a GoPro can. That is why you should make it a point to take advantage of what it can do, and use it to record the kind of footage that will really capture the action that you want it to.

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