What AreThe Different Kinds Of Boots That Equestrian Lovers Need

The New Year is a lovely popular time for people getting into new activities, calculated that I may as well share my knowledge in the subject of horses. As a lover of all things equestrian I would be the first person to tell you to give horse riding a go, or even something more challenging if you are up for it. So perhaps you could think about getting involved in the equestrian lifestyle in the coming weeks and months.

You will need the right kit for the job though; luckily I can help you out a bit on this front. You will quickly realise that one of the most vital things you need for any activity to do with horses is the right footwear. Mud and manure are just some of the things you will learn to love as you become more involved in your activities. However this means you need some good boots! And there are quite a few different types available depending on what they will be used for. To provide some clarity, here are the different kinds of boots that equestrian lovers need:

Wellington boots

Wellies are always an excellent all-rounder when it comes to outdoor living, and they will be a lifeline for you as a horse lover too. The brilliant thing about wellies is that they are so versatile, meaning you can wear them in the yard one day, and simply keeping your feet dry the next. They are also fairly helpful if you go to music festivals in the summer…

Riding boots

When it comes to riding boots, you will discover what is most suitable for each set of weather conditions. For example, a Jodhpur boot will be ideal for mild days, whereas a tall and insulated boot will see you through those icy winter ones. There are many different styles, colours, fits and linings, so you will really be able to choose something that suits your general riding needs. There are also varying price points, meaning you will be able to find something for a sensible cost if you are just starting out with horse riding.

Yard boots

If you own a horse and will be doing plenty of jobs in the yard and paddocks, you will probably want a pair of yard boots to add to your collection. There are many different styles to be found from Velcro ankle boots to chunkier winter ones. It’s all about keeping your feet warm and dry, as well as avoiding getting any of your other boots quite so dirty.

Country boots

Finally, it is nice to show off your love for equestrian activities even when you aren’t riding. That is why something like the Mark Todd Tall Country Boot is appealing. Of course you will find many other similar styles of country boot; they will look very stylish when you are in the pub or in the high street. There are also many lovely warm boots which would be perfect for winter.

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