5 Ways to Get the Best Electricity Deal For Your Home

Electricity – we all need it. It powers our appliances, devices and gadget. It saves us from boredom and it helps us to do practical tasks as well as making a living. But just because electricity is a necessity to our everyday lives, it doesn’t mean you can’t shop around for the best deal. You might be paying more for your electricity than you actually need to be, so how can you save a few pounds each month, freeing up some of your income for savings or leisure time? I’ve got a few tips to get you started…

Use a comparison site

What many people do when they are looking for cheap electricity deals is to head to a price comparison site where they can measure up a number of providers at the same time. This will enable you to input your current supplier and tariff, as well as how much energy you actually consume each month. You will then get back a list of targeted results that are generated from the fields you have filled out in the form.

Take regular meter readings

Often though, your own electricity supplier might be able to give you a more accurate bill if you provide them with regular meter readings instead of waiting them to come to your premises to do it. This is because they might otherwise issue you with an estimated bill which could leave you out of pocket in two ways. Firstly they might overestimate, leaving you paying for a service that you haven’t used. Alternatively they might undercharge you, which results in you getting a very large bill to pay the difference once they’ve taken a reading.

Change your tariff

If you speak to your current supplier, you can ask them about other tariffs available for you. You will likely be able to find some of these tariffs on their website. There are often restrictions such as a lower rate between certain hours, but if you are a night owl you might prefer a tariff that offers you cheaper electricity after 9pm anyway!

Use less electricity

If your tariff is currently the best one for your living habits, you might be able to cut your bill in other ways such as using less electricity around the home. There are few simple fixes you can put into place quickly such as turning off devices rather than putting them on standby, turning off lights when you leave a room and only boiling the water you need in the kettle.

Arrange alternative payment

Some energy suppliers will charge you different amounts depending on how you pay them. There are a number of ways to pay electricity bills including direct debit, standing order, online or in the post office. It’s important that you choose the best way for you, and keep an eye on how your direct debit payments actually compare to your use if you choose to pay in this way.

About the author

Vernon Fisher is a financial blogger from the UK. He commonly writes about topics including finding cheap electricity and gas, and likes to compare similar products for their true value.

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