Here’s Why Wool Is Still In Vogue


Wool is one of the oldest raw materials alongside cotton that has been used to make clothes. Woollen clothes are known for their comfort and cosiness. Hence, in a nation where the average annual temperature lies in the range of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, it is no wonder that woollen clothes are always preferred by people here in the UK.

Other reasons that help to keep wool always in vogue are mentioned in the sections below.

Woollen Garments Offer Impressive Insulation

Woollen garments like original Nepalese wool jackets are popular here in the UK for their ability to offer impressive insulation, especially on those chilly UK mornings!

The innate ability of wool to insulate cannot be mimicked by any other natural or artificial fibre. Wool is porous and these small pores trap air. Air is an impressive insulator. Hence when one wears a woollen jacket, they will always be cocooned within a layer of air that will keep the warmth of the wearer’s body to escape into the environment.

Furthermore, wool tends to soak up the moisture from the wearer’s body hence, the woollen jacket or any other garment one is wearing on a chilly day here in the UK would help them regulate the temperature of their body.

Woollen Garments Come With In-Built Wrinkle Protection

One must remember to buy woollen garments from revered offline or online outlets. The reason is simple. Revered brands use the technique that produces tight-woven woollen garments. Tightly woven woollen garments tend to offer natural protection to the same against wrinkles.

Sure heat from artificial heat sources and ambient moisture can result in light creases on a woollen garment but one mustn’t worry as wool can bounce back!

In simple words, woollen garments are stretchy and no matter what the garment is put through, it will never become too wrinkled to wear to the office or that dinner party!

Wool And Woollen Garments Are Water Resistant

Wool and woollen garments like original Nepalese wool jackets are naturally water resistant.

This means that all those instances where one had to deal with yet another drenched piece of garment no thanks to the unpredictable weather of the UK are gone for good, given one replaces all their existing winter garments with woollens.

Unlike other natural and artificial fibres that tend to give out a foul odour when drenched, woollens tend to be water resistant naturally. When water droplets fall on a woollen garment like a jacket, the same is caught in the filmy outer layer of the jacket. This happens due to the presence of the epicuticles which are naturally water-resistant as they are packed with lanolin.

Even if the wearer had to walk through the rain for an hour, an apparently ‘soaked’ woollen garment can be rid of its moisture content with just a few shakes!


Wool is a natural fibre hence, just like cotton and silk, wool will never fall out of favour as a raw material in the fashion sector. Furthermore, being a natural fibre, woollen garments tend to be environment-friendly from the get-go. Hence, it is no wonder why wool is and always will be in vogue!

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