Nokia’s Lumia Series – Have Nokia Managed To Come Back From The Brink?

Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer of mobile phones, has had a torrid time of it the last 5 – 6 years. Once an untouchable giant of the industry, it seems with the rise of Apple, and the smart phone in general, Nokia had somehow gotten lost in the mix. For some years, they seemed to be walking forward with no sense of direction. And some of their offerings have been very hit and miss.

However, the once mighty Nokia may have finally found a way to turn its fortunes around, with its Lumia series of phones. Nokia made a bold move with the Lumia series insofar as, they decided to drop the Symbian operating system they had used in previous offerings, and instead of falling in line under the Android banner, as many thought they may have, they chose instead to go with Windows as it’s OS.

This was considered a bold move by some, as Windows phones had not exactly set the world alight previously. However, when Nokia unveiled the Lumia range for the first time, there began to be a rumbling among tech commentators. It was seen that Nokia may be able to do something here with this new range.

The first Lumia in the series, the Lumia 800 was released to the Market in November of 2011. This was the first Nokia Phone to run Windows Phone 7, and looked almost identical to Nokia’s N9 phone, with some aesthetic changes made. However the internal components were totally different to the N9. If you were an early adopter of the Nokia Lumia 800, you may now wish to sell your phone, and move on to one of the newer Lumia phones. So, what are the newer generation of Lumia Phones like?

The newest range of Lumia phones varies from model to model, but what is constant is the fact they all run Windows Mobile 8 as their OS. Recently announced phones like the Lumia 625 have some awesome features like a 4.7 inch screen, and the recently announced Lumia 1020 which has an absolutely mind blowing camera, which is 41.3 megapixels. Many handheld & DSLR cameras are not even capable of this kind of megapixel count, so to squeeze this into a mobile phone is indeed impressive. And with a 4.5 inch AMOLED screen, at 332 ppi, those pictures are going to look beautiful. Not to mention the 2GB of RAM powering this beast.

So, what does the future look like for Nokia? Have they managed to come back from the brink? It’s safe to say they have. With the Lumia series of phones, Nokia has managed to carve out their own niche in the mobile phone market, creating something totally unique, instead of just following the pack in order to gain a foothold in the marketplace again. Nokia have always been innovators, and will continue to be, so no doubt, the future is bright for Nokia, and the Lumia series.

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