Sell Your Old iPhone For A New One

So we know the score when it comes to Apple iPhones, there are often new ones released within a year of the last and it’s never really a surprise. However with the newest models come the newest features and sometimes we just can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Whether you have the latest model or not, as soon as a new one is announced you may not be able to stop yourself thinking “Should I sell my iPhone and get the newer one?” It’s a natural reaction and maybe, just maybe, the answer is yes, but you don’t know how to pay for it.

The newer model will always be the better model and even if yours is only one generation previous to the new one, it is now considered out of date. There will be so many people trying to get the new one and if you don’t have the funds instantly you may miss out, so it could be a good idea to sell your current model to pay for it.

It’s not recommended that you sell your current phone before arranging your new phone, getting it and transferring all of your files to it, but with online services taking as few as three days to deposit the cash into your account it can be worth it. Alternatively you could opt for putting the cost of your new phone onto a credit card just until the cash arrives from whichever service you choose to use.

There are plenty of services online who will offer you a set price for you mobile. They will then send you a pre-paid envelope for you to forward your mobile on and following receipt they will send a cheque to you, or even deposit the money straight into your account. This isn’t the only method of sales and of course there are plenty of online auction sites and forums which could result in a great sale price too.

iPhone Alternatives

You may have come to the end of your contract and decided Apple products are no longer for you. This is also OK as you can still sell your old handset and try out another brand. The leading brands on the market include:

  • Samsung – this brand use the Android operating system which has been customised and have produced a range of so-called ‘phablets’ which sit somewhere between the standard smartphone and the tablet computer.
  • HTC – user-friendly and straightforward HTC phones are also powered by Android and are known for being sleek and sturdy in their design.
  • BlackBerry – the archetypal business phone has joined the 21st century with their latest incarnation incorporating a touch screen.
  • Nokia – Nokia fell behind some of the other brands when it came to smartphones but their latest Lumias are up there with the very best and are fast becoming amongst the most popular phones there are.

Of course there are many more brands too but there are some of the most popular ones and the ones that iPhone users often turn to. The choice is yours but if you sell your old phone first you can make some cash back on your new purchase.

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