Washing Machine Making Your Life Easier!

One of the most dreaded and tedious task in our daily lives is washing clothes. In the earlier times, women used to wash clothes using their hands which used to squeeze all the energy out of them. Thanks to this man-made wonder, Washing Machine, life is much more relaxed and comfortable now! You can wash clothes without constant physical labor and thus save time.

Today they are available in wide varieties of colors, designs, capacities and features. Top load, front load, semi-automatic, fully automatic along with so many convenient features have flooded the market. The washing machine price in India is extremely variable, depending on a family’s needs and budget they can choose from a variety of models available.

So here is a list of top 5 washing machine brands which can make your as smooth as you want it to be:

LG: The South Korean giant is known for its non-stop innovation and continuous drive to bring products which suit today’s lifestyle. They have a wide variety of models in semi- automatic, fully automatic, top load, front load and washer dryer segment as well as various capacities to suit your needs which helps in deciding the price.You can visit our website to get details about LG Washing Machine Price in India. Focusing on hands-free washing experience they have come up with World’s first 6 Motion Direct Drive feature. Apart from this features like Jet Spray for no rubbing and no scrubbing hassle and Twin wash which enable washing two loads at a time are some of their revolutionary innovations. Other important features include saving water and saving energy. Aesthetics are an important part of their products which come in a wide range of beautiful floral designs and colors.

Samsung: The name is enough, another South Korean brand which has penetrated every home with a variety of its products. Their washing machine segment is a fine example of quality and technology. They have a wide range of front load, top load, fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. They have breakthrough technology like Diamond drum with smooth and diamond-shaped ridges which is gentle on fabric, thus preserving it. ECO drum clean feature helps to keep the drum clean without using harsh chemicals, which is an ultimate convenience for a consumer. Aqua preserve is another very important feature that reduces usage of water by reusing last rinsed water and thus saving it. Other convenient features include rust free, easy to move, air turbo drying system, double storm pulsator, ECO bubble technology to name a few. Check Samsung Washing Machine Price in India available on different websites.

Whirlpool: The word 6th sense technology is synonymous with Whirlpool, which everyone knows by now. Whirlpool is a brand known for its robust and sturdy designs. In washing machine segment also they have all significant features focusing on 6th sense. 6th sense tumble care, 6th sense ultra clean technology, 6th sense 123 wash, 6th sense deep clean technology are some of the most talked about features of Whirlpool washing machines. They sense, adjust, control intuitively that is why the word 6th sense. Some important features of this technology include 360-degree bloom wash, unique soak, 3D scrub, spa drum, less tangling, auto detergent dosage, etc. They have front load, top load, fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines which varies in price ,so check Whirlpool Washing Machine Price in India. They have a good range of capacities and have classic simple designs.

IFB:  “The smart washing machine that smart people deserve” that is the slogan of latest IFB washing machines. They are the innovators of India’s first smart washing machines. The designs are made to help consumers wash clothes easily and smartly, just put your clothes in washing machine and rest it will take care of all your needs. They have a unique smart load segment apart from the front load and top load. Innovative technologies like Aqua energie which is a filter treatment for hard water and Cradle wash to wash your designer clothes are some of the talking points. Other important features which determine IFB Washing Machine Price in India include Aqua spa therapy, Deep clean function, etc. They also have a clothes dryer segment under laundry solutions which gives 100% drying to your clothes.

Haier: This brand is a fast growing name in the world of consumer durables. Their latest innovation in washing machine segment is World’s first double drum washing machine with features like 7-dimensional damping and intelligent water diversion system. Other features include one-touch LED screen and dual star balance system. They also have a wide range of fully automatic, semi-automatic, top load and front load washing machines. Other significant features include self-cleaning technology, smart DD motor, night wash, NZP technology, foam detection function, etc.

The Haier Washing Machine Price in India of these products in India depends on capacity, latest features and technologies. More advanced the technology higher will be the price. It is important to consider environmental impact also like water wastage while buying washing machines. Considering this you can turn your purchase into a wise investment.

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