Bio Lab Exotique, The Review

Bio Lab Exotique ‘ YOUTH’ oil potion, was the best and worst thing to have entered my skincare routine in a long time. To get the negative out the way: Holy Jesus is it addictive !!!! OUCH. The price is affordable at 40 usd but since the products have no chemicals to preserve/give it a longer shelf life , you must use it within 3 months after you first open the bottle , and oh boy, once you open it, you will never stop re purchasing these face potions ! 

When Bio Lab Exotique  kindly sent me a bottle to try, I didn’t wait to finish the oil I was using before cracking it open. Hell no. Straight on my face it went.

My skin on that morning: dehydrated all over and a touch dry on my forehead (to clarify, dehydrated: lacking in water, dry: lacking in oil). A couple of spots, too. It looked a little red and, for want of a better word, stressed. On second thoughts, stressed may well be the best description: the reason my skin was red was due to stress so an oil may have worked on the skin’s surface but I was unsure of whether it would really calm things down given that the problem was more complex than a simple ruffled complexion as a result of the wrong skincare/not cleansing properly. The oil is see-through and relatively watery. For me, it was all about the texture and, bizarrely, how I felt soothed as I worked it in. Apparently Bio Lab Exotique puts a lot of effort into making their products enjoyable to use as they are of the opinion that the pleasure element is crucial both for its own sake and because pleasure means you’ll use it often enough for it to take effect. ( however they promise visible results within 48 hours!) the owners of the brand Ollia Tzarina and Asghar Akhtar Khan , spent a few months in Morocco hunting down the most rare and effective previous oils. Ollia said that when she started testing , she felt like some of the oils were of a medical prescriptive strength, that’s how effective she found the oils to be . By carefully mixing marula, neem and prickly pear ( one of the most rare and expensive oils to exist )  into a cold pressed , fresh just out of the tree( yes really!) argan oil, the product ‘ YOUTH’ the one i tested has a lifting effect, hydrates skin, treats eczema and psoriasis , boosts collagen and treats acne . I mean.. who would not get addicted to something like this ? It’s like having superfoods for your skin but in a bottle ! 

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