Graphic T-Shirt -The Cornerstone Of Your Wardrobe

T-shirts are the most everyday items we wear at the lowest price. It not only provides you with comfort  but also makes you look smarter. These are very easy to carry as no buttons no hassle and are a staple of every closet of men and women and can be worn for purposes like casual, smart casual or leisurewear. 

These tees are simply what the name suggests. A t-shirt with some print on it, a text or any image that are designed in various ways. There is not much difference between a regular t-shirt and graphic t-shirt, the only difference is that graphic t-shirt includes some sort of prints, a text or images over it. These are available in so many patterns like text tees, quotes tees and also screen printing tees that have been in trend for a long time. Screen printing related to superheroes, space-related prints, black and white prints, 80s 90s prints, filmy characters prints, cartoon prints, the wild side prints, abstract painting prints etc that are going chic regularly.

 Text tees are regularly worn these days some wear it to show the text on it and some just wear it to reflect their personality. You must have to keep these points in mind while buying it. Your priority should be quality, whenever you are searching for such type of tees. You should not select the print unless you are not sure about its quality you must buy it from authentic sites and just don’t forget to go through the review section. Online fashion shopping apps where you find a huge collection of such tees are 


They offered an amazing variety of t-shirts with funny emoji’s. There is a huge collection of funny and funky t-shirts and print of relatable quotes hang out, dates and lot more for both men and women.


There is a huge collection of this t-shirt to The site is well known for its cool branded tees which make people visit their website regularly.

Fully filmy 

If you are filmaholic and t-shirt lover this site is for you. There are a plethora of tees inspired by your favourite actor, TV shows and movies. Even children are very fond of such type of tees.

Sould store 

Site known for its decent prints and high quality t-shirts at a reasonable price. The site first comes in my mind when I am thinking to buy decent printed t-shirt. They offer huge collection of tees, backpacks, joggers for men and women.

 Another websites  like Myntra, Amazon, Ajio, Snapdeal also deals in these t-shirts.

Is it cool for a girl to wear graphic t-shirt?

Yes exactly girls, you can wear what you want or what you love . You can wear it if it allows you to express yourself. But you must avoid wearing it in any interview or at party. I think they are just fine for everyday wear as casual or smart casual. Band-tees these days are in trend among girls. You can pair it with skirt, shorts or jeans. Best online fashion shopping  app where you can find variety of such tees is Sweet Dirt.

 Wear what makes you happy not others. There are so many printed t-shirts in which girls look adorable when  paired with a variety of bottoms like flare pants, narrow pants, skirts or shorts. It’s a wrong consideration that it won’t look nice on girls. It’s not about good or bad, It’s only about how you style it. I am a girl and my wardrobe is going to burst soon as it has an enormous number of apparel from which most of my collection is for text and printed tees. I am very fond of these t-shirts and planning to buy more. Similarly men also need to style these tees properly to look smart. It should be of proper fitting not too big or too small. You can wear it underneath a jacket, blazer and suit. Get the right footwear match, something casual like sneakers and accessories you carry with it, be taken care of. 

Do you know these printed tees are even loved by toddlers these days , especially those cartoon prints, which are mostly adored by them. So these tees are not only adored by youth but also by toddlers.

What you need to do to prolong its life.?

It mostly depends on the type of ink or dye used in its designing process and its quality. you can’t do much about it but just wash it inside out in cold water and also Iron it inside out and prevent rubbing between print to use it for longer.

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