How to find your Perfect Honeymoon Destination

For some couples, the honeymoon destination is almost a minor sub-element of the over-all wedding plan. With so much else to consider in the build up to the big day, the honeymoon seems less important than the myriad of other details you have to think about. Though understandable, this approach can be a serious mistake.

Your honeymoon is the start of your new life together and something so important should not be left to chance. Above all else, your honeymoon destination is something you and your partner need to communicate about. Here are some ideas of the types of honeymoon that are popular, to help you arrive at the right decision.

If you both are dreaming of your own place in the sun, think of an island retreat with romantic white-sand beaches and idyllic views. You can chill on a beach to the rhythm of lapping waves, or explore coral reefs together.

Should the predominant color of the clothes in your wardrobe be khaki and you enjoy exploration and adventure, a honeymoon in the wilds might be for you. An eco-adventure in a rain forest, or safari in the jungle, might be the thing to bring out your wild side.

You may be metropolitan folk who can’t do without street chic, museums and art galleries. If this is the case, honeymoon in a city. Even better, try out a city you have never visited before and check out all of those new museums, theaters, art galleries and restaurants.

Alternatively, you may be a nomadic couple who get your kicks from travel. If you are, open up your minds and seek out fresh sites to see. Take a road trip holiday in the USA, just like in the movies and cruise Route 66 with your Stetsons on. If trains do it for you, catch the Orient Express from London to Italy and dine in style as you travel in majestic splendor.

One particular type of honeymoon that may appeal to romantic nomads is holidaying at sea. Think about the sophistication and romance of a cruise ship. Imagine crashing waves and sea-spray, dinner with the ship’s captain and moonlit strolls, arm-in-arm, along the promenade deck.

Of course, all you and your other half may dream of is seclusion and each other’s company. The idea of being snowbound in a remote cabin with no phones, computers or even television appeals to many. For you, tranquility means absolute privacy in a remote, beautiful setting and one quite literally far from the madding crowd of everyday existence. Seclusion can definitely be both romantic and relaxing and, even better, it doesn’t have to cost a great deal, especially if times are hard and your budget already overstretched by the cost of your wedding.

Wherever you choose to go, ensure it is the destination of your dreams for both you and your new spouse, in terms of location and activities on offer. Happy honeymoon!

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