Understanding More About Princess Mononoke

Japan has been known for many decades for some of the best animated movies that have captured the imagination of people across all age groups. Youngsters in particular are big followers of these animation games. They have moved beyond the boundaries of japan and have become popular in dozens of countries. They have been remade into different languages and English continues to be the most commonly used language for the remake of dozens of such animated movies. In this article we will be having a look at one such popular Japanese animation film that has been around for two decades and more.

The Fascinating World Of Mononoke

Amongst the many dozens of animation movies from japan Princess Mononoke is considered to be one of the most popular. It was first viewed by the public in the year 1997. It was a fantasy war film the writer was Hayao Miyazaki. The animation work for this was done at Studio Ghibli for Tokuma Shoten. It was distributed by the well-known Japanese distributors. The background voice is also quite attractive and there are some famous names associated with it.  


The plot revolves around a village by the name Emishi. The village has been in put in danger because of an attack by a demon. Thanks to the last prince of Emishi, the devil is killed before it is able to reach the village and cause any damage to life and property. Before dying the demon curses the prince and this leads to some problem to the right arm of the prince. The curse also comes with a plus point, the prince is endowed with super natural powers but there is a fear that the curse of the demon might eventually end up killing the prince. Upon investigation the villagers find out that the demon was linked to a boar god, nago further the demon also was also corrupted by an iron ball that was lodged in his body.

What Is The Way Forward

Though the prince had superhuman power the curse would have most certainly killed him unless something was done. A wise woman of the village believed that there could be a cure for the curse in the western lands. This is where the animated movie takes an exciting and interesting turn. Reaching the western land is easier said than done and there are many challenges and exciting moments along the way. You can find out more about the journey about the western land and get to know whether the prince will be cured of his curse or will the demon win a wrong battle.

There are many sites where the full version of this animated film is available for download and watching. As mentioned earlier it also is available in many languages and therefore understanding the movie should not be a problem.

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