What To Know About Yellow Diamond Rings

Tastes in diamond rings have changed, and today more people are choosing coloured rings. It gives them a chance to add a personal touch with their favourite colour. Yellow diamonds are the most popular choice for coloured rings, and demand is increasing.

What do yellow diamond rings mean?

We can trace back the giving of engagement rings to Rome, when they were used by the nobility and the very wealthy. They became popular among the public in the 1930s and 1940s, mainly due to the infamous De Beers advertising campaign. The meaning of these rings shows us why they’re symbols of commitment.

– Diamonds don’t break, they last forever.
– They’re the second hardest substance on earth.
– Diamonds symbolise that the person wearing them is special, as they’re so rare.

Yellow diamonds have a deeper meaning and can replace yellow birthstones. Topaz and citrine are associated with November and sapphires with September. While these gemstones are popular, many choose yellow diamonds to represent people’s birthstones.

Colour psychology shows us that yellow portrays wisdom and intellect. The cheerful colour also symbolises fun and happiness, so they’re perfect for engagement rings.

Finding the ideal yellow diamond ring

If you’re looking for a Diamond Eternity Ring, buying online can save you money. There’s also a lot more choice, so you can find one that reflects your partner’s personality. Check out companies such as to see the many choices available.

The two designs that are most used are mounting the diamond in white gold or platinum, or choosing yellow gold. Yellow diamonds are usually surrounded with smaller diamonds, but they can also have small yellow gems around the band.

You’ll need to consider how much you’re willing to spend on the ring and the cut of the diamond. The colour of the diamond also affects the price. Lighter yellow shades are less expensive, but for deep yellow diamonds, the price will rise. Custom rings can also be expensive, due to the complexity of the design and how long it will take to set the diamonds correctly.

Remember to consider your partner’s taste in your decision, but take into account cost and quality. The right ring can show how much you value your partner and symbolise your ongoing commitment to each other.

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