All You Need To Know About Why Barbers Prefer Hair Cutting Shears?

Expert barbers who run professional hairdressing salons always prefer using hairdressing scissors or shears but why?

There are plenty of reasons and some of the most important ones are mentioned in the sections below –

It Allows A Professional To Give Better Haircuts To Their Clients

Expert hairdressers swear by the fact that Scissors cutting hair or shears cutting hair offers way better haircuts compared to hair clippers and the reason is simple –

Compared to a professional-grade hair clipper, a hairdressing shear or scissor offers an expert hairdresser more control over the tool. They can apply just the right amount of pressure in a bit to cut only those strands of hair on the client’s head that will lead to the best finish.

On the other hand, expert hairdressers who have the skill of using hairdressing shears or scissors and combs think that their talents are wasted when they are using a hair clipper.

Hairdressing Scissors Are Healthier For The Client’s Hair

Hair Shears vs scissors hair both offer impressive results when compared to hair clippers and on top of this, according to professional hairdressers, using hairdressing shears or scissors is a healthier option.


Well, hair clippers tend to damage hair strands that often results in the client’s hair looking a lot spicier than actually intended. This can not only hurt the overall reputation of the professional hairdresser but can also irreversibly damage the client’s hair.

On the other hand, hairdressing shears and scissors do not harm the hair roots while slicing the hair strands. This allows the hair to grow back stronger, shinier and smoother!

In simple words, using hairdressing shears and scissors will ensure that the overall texture of the client’s hair will improve. This will allow the professional hairdresser to impress his or her client and expect repeat business from them!

Hairdressing Scissors Are Ideal For Trimming Split Ends

Hair clippers cut a hair strand in an uneven manner that ultimately leads the hair strand to split into two. This phenomenon degrades the quality of a person’s hair.

What is the solution?

Expert hairdressers advise their clients to allow them to use a professional-grade hairdressing shear or scissors and comb combination instead of a hair clipper to keep split ends at bay!

Hairdressing shears and scissors cut hair strands evenly thus leaving no chances for split ends!

Professional Hairdressing Scissors Do Not Need Regular Maintenance

Unlike hair clippers, professional hairdressing shears and scissors do not need regular maintenance as they are easy to clean and due to their flawless construction, one doesn’t need to worry about their tool-of-trade giving out on them in between hairdressing sessions – a scenario that is all-too-common with hair clippers!

All one would need to do is lubricate the moving parts of the shear or scissor and use a clean piece of rag to wipe off the blades of the same. That’s it!


In case you are a professional hairdresser, make sure that you do not purchase any hairdressing scissors you can get your hands on. Make sure that you are purchasing a professional hairdressing scissor or shear, manufactured by revered brands, for the best results. Also, keep in mind that the professional hairdressing shear manufacturer has been in the business for a while. This will help you to keep yourself from spending your hard-earned money on sub-par quality products.

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