Everything You Need To Know About Natural Hair Wigs

Selecting the right hair wig can be a hard task. This is especially true for those who are shopping for natural hair wigs for the first time. If you have decided that you are going to opt for natural hair wigs in place of the synthetic hair wigs, it is imperative to make a few considerations.

First of all, make sure you buy natural hair wigs that have been clearly labelled as human hair. This is because natural or real hair wigs may also be derived from animal species that have hair remarkably similar to human hair.

Types of natural hair wigs

There are three types of wigs when it comes to natural hair wigs. These include Remy hair wigs, virgin hair wigs and non-Remy hair wigs.

The Remy hair wigs include hairpiece where the cuticles have been arranged to face downwards. These hair wigs have been directly obtained from a donor’s head and tied together to save their natural state. These hair wigs are not only long-lasting but give a great shiny appearance and natural feel.

The virgin hair is always untreated by chemicals and no modification is made in natural hair structure. Keep in mind, Remy hair wigs may or may not be virgin hair wigs depending on the donor.

Non-Remy hair wigs include hairpieces that have been chemically treated. Apart from this, their cuticles face both ways-upwards as well downwards. It may require a great effort to rearrange the non-Remy hair. These are prone to damage and may not get coloured well.

Choosing your wig

Prefer to buy Remy hair wigs from a reputable natural hair wigs seller. Additionally, whenever you are buying a natural hair wig, make sure you take into account certain important points.

Colour: Hair wigs are found in a variety of colours. Make sure you buy one that complements your skin tone. You should check for the wig colour in natural light while holding the wig against your skin.

Opt for at least natural hair wig that is similar to the colour your hair. Later on, you can choose for ombre or pastel coloured wigs for making a style statement.

Size: Choose a natural hair wig in a size that would comfortably fit on your head. While buying online, compare the measurement of the wig with your head’s circumference. You can also opt for wigs with stretchable elastic straps. Choose an appropriate length suitable for your style and season.

Equipped with this information, you can choose the right natural hair wigs that enhance your appearance.

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