What Happened At This Year’s Black Friday?

Black Friday took place on 23 November this year. In recent years, it has become the date in the calendar when many of us rush out to grab a heavily discounted bargain prior to Christmas. So how did Black Friday fare in 2018?

Spending Spree

According to Finder, Britons planned to spend around £220 each on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the online equivalent) this year.

Although this is less than last year, when shoppers seeking a bargain spent £304 in these pre-Christmas sales, more people took part this year than last. 62% of shoppers took part in Black Friday sales events this year, compared to just 36% last year.

Early figures suggest that shoppers spent £7 billion on Black Friday sales this year, purchasing goods in store and using same day couriers, such as allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service, to deliver their items in time for Christmas.

The Biggest Bargain Hunters

It seems that men are more interested in grabbing a bargain on Black Friday than women, with males spending around £28 more than females.

It is not just gender differences that affect Black Friday figures; which generation you belong to also influences whether you are more likely to join in the Black Friday frenzy or not. In particular, Generation X are the most enthusiastic about this bargain day, spending £264 on average. If you are a Baby Boomer, the chances are that you handed over £214 approximately in the Black Friday sales, while those in the 18-35 age category are less bothered by the event, parting with just £190 of their cash.

Regional variations exist when it comes to bargain hunting on Black Friday. The biggest spenders this year stemmed from the North East of England, followed by those living in Northern Ireland and London. Residents in South-West England are least tempted by the discounted sales, spending around £139 on average – some £147 less than those in the North East.

Sales Regrets

The fact that Britons spent on average less this year on Black Friday events compared to last year suggests that some may have regretted previous purchases, and they are learning from past experiences. In fact, one in five Brits regret something they have bought on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Statistics show that, on average, £83 is spent on Black Friday items that are later cause for regret.

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