5 Things You Should Know While Buying Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are pretty and expensive. Diamonds in hues of pink enjoy celebrity status because they happen to be the first choice of international stars.  Whopping price of pink diamonds is no deterrent to its sale worldwide. Each year diamond merchants are experiencing a splurge in the investment on pink diamonds.

As per the recent trend in bridal jewellery pink diamonds top the chart as engagement rings for proposal. In recent times, Christie’s, World-famous British auction house fetched over £30,000,000 on sale of a 19-carat pink diamond.  

Before you wish to enhance your jewellery line-up with precious pink diamond, you should have an idea about a few things related to buying of pink diamonds

Pink Diamond is a Rarity

Pink diamonds are the rarest of rare gemstones found all over the world. It is the closest rival to two other rare colours – red and blue gemstones. They are scarcely found in few selected mines of the world. The major mining concentration is at Argyle in Australia – about 90% production comes from this diamond mine. In respect to diamond production (including both coloured and colourless), only 0.01% pink diamonds are mined annually.

Precious Value of Pink-Hued Diamonds

The value of pink diamonds has soared mainly because there is a mismatch between demand and supply in the global gemstones and jewellery market. The value and price tag of coloured diamonds depend on the colour combinations in shades of pink. Unlike colourless or white diamonds, the value of pink gemstone does not depend on internationally acknowledged 4C standard (representing cut, clarity, colour and carat weight). Its value is based on its beauty and rarity of the stunning colour combinations.

The Marvellous Colour Combinations

If you have a penchant for pink, then you will be spoiled with the stunning colour combinations in precious pink-tinted diamonds.  Light Pink to Faint Pink and Fancy Light Pink to Fancy Intense Pink are some of the coveted options you have.

More intense coloured stones are highly priced. The value and price of purplish pink stones are higher compared to brownish pink. Moreover, when a rare secondary colour blends with  a pink shade, the stones have a higher price value. The popular secondary shades that accentuate the beauty of diamonds are purple, brown, grey and orange.

Pinks Diamonds Perfect As Engagement Rings

Pink is a time-tested feminine colour which has a classic aura of sophistication and exuberance. Engagement rings studded with pink diamonds have become a fashion trend due to amazing stylish designs (Three-stone setting, Halo setting and Double Halo setting). Glamour world celebrity couples are doting over pink hued engagement rings – this has given an impetus to the worldwide preference for pink stones.  

Pinks Diamonds are Highly Expensive

Pink diamonds are 100% natural and the beautiful colours of the stones are yet a mystery for the gemologists and ardent jewellery lovers. The shining exuberance and vibrant charm of pink tinted stones and their high demand in the international market have made them expensive. The bar was raided when Ben Affleck proposed to his lady love Jenifer Lopez with a pink stone back in the year 2002.

In a nutshell, pink diamond is an elite, beautiful, rare and fashionable gemstone worth its price.

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