Secrets To Unusual Gift Ideas For Tough Recipients

It can sometimes be difficult to find a really good present for friends and family members, especially those who seem to have everything they need. Luckily, there are original ideas out there that can make all the difference to your gift shopping.

Ergolife Chair

These light and easily portable wooden chairs are really useful for many outdoor activities, from festivals to picnics. They roll up into their own compact carrying bag so you can take them anywhere you want to sit comfortably. Ergolife chairs are particularly valuable in situations where there is nowhere with good back support to sit, such as on the beach, but they also make sitting on a bench more comfortable. There is no weight limit and the manufacturers advise that they will take the weight of anyone who is able to sit down on the floor and get up unaided. If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive gift for someone who enjoys outdoor activities this could be the ideal solution.

Smartphone Induction Speaker

Holidaymakers who can’t bear to leave their music at home will appreciate one of these mini stereo speakers. They work with most smartphones and are really simple to use. There are no wires or docking stations — you just select the song and rest your phone on top of the speaker to hear the music through the process of induction. As they are so small and light, they are ideal for travelling – just remember to include the three AA batteries that are needed in your gift.

Experience Days

The range of experience days is constantly expanding and you should be able to find something for anyone. Thrill-seekers might appreciate harness zorbing, bungee jumping or powerboat racing, whilst more sedate experiences include snooker master classes, cupcake decorating and pamper days. An important thing to remember when buying an experience day as a gift is that it is in a convenient location for the person receiving it, as well as being an experience you know they will enjoy.

Designer Reading Glasses

People who need reading glasses frequently mislay them, so the ‘See Home reading glasses’ from Parisian company See Concept can be a really valuable gift. The glasses, which come in a range of exciting colors, are mounted on a stand and can easily be found wherever they are kept. They are attached to the stand by a stainless steel chain so they will not be easily lost and are suitable for both men and women. You could choose different colours to match the decor of different rooms and keep them in strategic places, such as by the phone or next to the bed. If you are looking for useful and stylish unique gifts, these are ideal for anyone who has ever asked, “Have you seen my glasses?”

Irish Accent Mouth Spray

This is something for the person who really does have everything. The makers claim that the spearmint-flavored spray works by activating invisible language receptors in the mouth to radically change the way you speak, so it could be the ideal gift for anyone travelling to Ireland or simply for St Patrick’s Day.

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