Pretty Outfit Ideas for Your Next Job Interview

Pretty Outfit Ideas for Your Next Job Interview

Sometimes it is really bit frustrating when you’re trying to find stylish outfits when you’re not exactly on the tall side – I’m 5’2” so I know exactly how this feels. This is especially true when it comes to job interviews as some smart clothes feel like they’re swamping my frame which makes me feel a bit self-conscious and ultimately more nervous about the interview itself. Due to the industry that I work in, I do tend to go to interviews at least once a year – but even if this wasn’t the case I’d still want to find something I felt comfortable in for a one-off interview. That’s why I set about finding some pretty outfits that are suitable for us petite girls, so I hope my recommendations are helpful for you too.

Peplum Dress & Cropped Jacket

An alternative to this is petite peplum dresses. The idea behind wearing this dress is that it will draw attention to your waistline where the peplum detailing begins; the length of these dresses is also usually ideal for petite girls too. If you would like to cover your shoulders for the interview, pair your dress with a cropped jacket – it will provide the illusion of a longer torso and legs.

Midi-skirt & Bow Tie Shirt

Choose a pencil skirt that sits just above your knee. This will help you to look professional, but also will also show enough leg that the skirt won’t end up wearing you! Tuck in a pretty shirt to bring the outfit together; one that works well is a bow-tie neck as it adds a little something extra to what you’re wearing.

Straight & Skinny Leg Trousers

There is certainly something I’ve learned the hard way: wide leg trousers do not work for my height and frame! Now I know to opt for straight or skinny leg trousers, often with a thin belt. It may be tempting to think that a wide leg trouser will somehow make you look less mousy, but it has the opposite effect for me. Instead, I use the curves I have to give me the confidence to succeed. Tight leg trousers work especially well with a blazer and heels.

Shirt And Pinafore Dress

Don’t think that you can’t stay up to date with all the latest styles though; some of them work especially well for girls like us! One trend that I love this year is the pinafore dress as it can look both cute and professional at the same time. I pair my dress with a short white ruffle sleeved shirt, neutral tights and brogue heels. In terms of accessories, you might like to have a professional satchel and neck scarf to complete the look.

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