How To Reduce Your Overall Wedding Budget?

A Wedding party could be the most expensive party you will ever throw. There are so many arrangements to be done like inviting guests, arranging food, booking the venue, selecting the attire and more. But before you start arranging everything let’s figure your budget. If your budget is limited or you want to reduce your overall wedding budget this article is going to help a lot. There are some super effective ways through which you can limit your budget without compromising any of your wishes. So, let’s start:-

Plan your wedding in the off-season- This is the most coolest and cost-effective technique. Plan your wedding in the off-season. As in such offseasons most wedding venues offer a huge amount of discount. So if you have limited cash to spend on your wedding venue it’s better to plan it in during the offseason. Also try to set the date on weekdays. There is a high chance of getting discounts in luxurious wedding venues if you could just keep it on the weekdays. 

Make your guest list short- This is a tough job but it’s very much needed to reduce your wedding cost. There must be some additional guests in your list. Checkout your guest list again and make it short. You can later throw a small house party with such guests. But for present invite people whose presences are really important for both of you. This may be the toughest decision to make but it’s necessary to reduce the overall wedding expense.

Buy second hand jewellery- Wedding jewelleries are expensive but the thing is a bride’ wedding attire is incomplete without some nice looking, gorgeous jewelleries. If you don’t have the money to buy new jewellery there is a way. There are amazingly elegant sets of Second hand jewellery UK to pick from. Second hand doesn’t always mean old, common or wrecked rather it means classic, exceptional and elegant. So if your pocket doesn’t permit it’s perfectly okay to choose some set of second hand jewelleries. It’s the smartest way to reduce the cost of your wedding.

Keep the menu simple and traditional- Food is a primary concern related to budget. If you are running out of cash and still want to feed the guests with some delicious cuisine then it’s better to keep it simple and traditional. Do not go for fancy dishes rather choose simple yet tasty dishes.

All the above listed tips will surely help you to have a cost-effective yet grand wedding. Also try to send the invitation in a soft copy format through mails, it’s budget friendly. 

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