Arch support insoles

The arch that we are talking about here is the arch that connects your heel from the front part of your feet with toes. That exact bridge is known as an arch. People naturally have high arches, low arches, and flat feet.

How Can You Check if You Have the Right Arch to the Feet at Home Yourself?

Follow these 3 simple DIY steps to examine what is the shape of your arch, without initially having to visit a doctor.

Step 1 – Put paint, mud, or powder on both your feet.

Step 2 – Place the painted feet on a surface where the imprints would be visible.

Step 3 – Examine your arch through the prints yourself.

Following are the possibilities regarding the arch shape of your feet.

Result 1 – If the footprint shows full feet, you might have a flat foot.

Result 2 – If the print shows partial feet in the middle, it is considered as a normal arch at the plantar fascia.

Result 3 – If the imprints of your feet are mostly not printed over the surface beneath your toes, you might have a quite high arch.

There are times when your heels hurt or the ball right behind your toes feel stressed. It is because these areas have been rigorously pulling on the bodyweight leaving alone the arch of your feet.

Arch support insoles are arch-shaped inserts that fit just right beneath your feet to level up the whole base.

Benefits of using an Arch Support Inserts

  • These supporters relieve foot pain.
  • It helps in reducing pain at the plantar fascia.

The plantar fascia is the physiological term used for the arch between the feel and balls of feet. Medically, this ligament is quite sensitive.

  • Arch insoles help people with a flat foot in relieving their pain in the feet.
  • If these medically designed insoles are worn by people with flat feet correctly and from an early age, their foot condition can be corrected with time.
  • Walking with arch insoles give you a better and comfortable experience in case of long walking and running hours or long durations of standing.
  • Insoles improve the overall body posture since feet are the base of your body, so better movement creates a better alignment of the body.
  • It is very much recommended that athletes use insole inserts for longer running hours. It would refrain them from many medical foot conditions to occur.
  • Incorrect walking and flat foot postures develop lower body pain in the long run. For example, you must have heard that women who wear ill-designed heels for longer durations develop pain around the waist and thighs. This pain stays permanently and keeps occurring repeatedly.

Arch support insoles are available in the market that helps in distributing the body weight on your feet evenly. It has been studied that people with flat feet can create their arches with time by regularly using arch supports. So get yours now.

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