Things That Make Custom Wine Labels More Attractive

An idyllic evening by the lake or a fresh morning overlooking green pastures is a memorable one. There are few things that can make them better. One of those few is an exquisite aged wine. Choose what colour, age or proof you may, the first allure of a wine comes from a beautifully designed label. Needless to say, in wine design, the importance of custom made labels cannot be underplayed.

What makes custom made label stand out? It could be summarised in the following points –

  • Label dimensions
  • Typeface or font
  • Artwork
  • Background and foreground colours
  • Caption or message

Let’s take a look at all of these components in detail. Wine bottles are normally tall and slender, depicting an innate form of beauty and finesse. Naturally, to complement these qualities, labels are made in two forms. The squarish labels draw your attention immediately to the brand name and the name of the wine. The long full-bodied labels give an aura of mystery to the wine inside, which makes you want to pick up the bottle for closer inspection.

As per the custom wine labelling expert such as typeface or font plays a major role in bringing attention to the brand information the winemaker wishes to convey. This could be the year it was made, the vineyard where the grapes were procured or the winery where it was bottled. Nevertheless, an elegant bold font calls itself out immediately and registers its presence.

The artwork is by far the most crucial aspect of a custom wine label. An immersive sketch, ink drawing or lithograph on the label portrays the amount of skill and dedication that went into making the beautiful wine contained within the bottle. We have often heard, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but then ‘Love at first sight’ happens to many.

In design language, colours play a big part. Complementary colours are often used in advertising and marketing to make sure people take their time in reading and appreciating the message on a picture. Similarly, in wine design, it’s not a new thing to use colours that go well with each other. A good mix of background and foreground colours make sure the buyer’s attention does not drift away as easily.

Finally, the masterpiece is a written message. A brand name or a wine name that resonates with the fine dining experience, with bright emotions like love or happiness tend to leave a lasting impression on a buyer’s mind. That’s why, for most wines, you would notice names that are either in French or Italian. Some names would be in English, but they would exude a quality that is way beyond something a wine could do. Hyperbole in wine naming is pretty common.

So, as you can see, it is not just one angle that helps custom wine design be as alluring and tempting. It is a clever juxtaposition of all the above factors that makes a truly unique and attractive custom wine label. To the extent that you were forced to buy a bottle of wine when you really didn’t want to.   

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