Advantages Brought Forth, By The Use Of A Nursing Pillow?

The advent of a new born baby into this world raises a level in your excitement along with a sense of  nervousness. New mothers are proud, happy and after delivery they are expected to start the process of breastfeeding on an urgent level. Colostrum happens to the first milk of the mother and is considered to be good for the baby.

Many gadgets are there that help the mothers with feeding of their little ones. Some are pretty popular in terms of usage and one of them which come to the mind is a breast pump. But many women are not aware on how to use a nursing pillow during pregnancy and the advantages it brings along with it. It is also termed as breastfeeding pillow because it is the position which you hold on to the baby and how you sit is critical for a proper latch.

So this pretty much answers the question on how to use a nursing pillow, but there are numerous advantages associated with it.

During the stage of pregnancy

Back pain along with a host of discomforts when sleeping are pretty common among pregnant women, this is all the worse in the last stages of pregnancy when the baby hump is large. At this stage you can rely on the use of nursing pillow to support your back, and it can be kept under your legs to provide support to the belly when one is sleeping on the side.

During the process of breastfeeding

  • First and foremost it helps the baby to attain a proper latch. When you hold the baby the body position is very important, for a proper latch. This can be easily achieved with the use of a nursing pillow. Both the mother along with the baby will be comfortable during breastfeeding and considering if you have had a C section delivery
  • It helps you during bottle feeding. The head of the baby is nicely going to be supported with the use of a nursing pillow and you can feed him or her in a comfortable manner
  • Relief from reflux is provided at the same time. It is a known trend that most babies are known to suffer from colic and they are very cranky about it. When you hold up the baby while feeding them is going to provide you with some form of comfort with reflux. When you are using a nursing pillow the head of the baby is going to be the right position so that the discomforts of reflux are reduced considerably.
  • You can go on to use in case of older babies as well. After the first few weeks, breastfeeding is indeed going to become a lot easier, and the mother along with the baby is not going to need nursing pillow any more. It can still go on to become a lot handy as once the baby has started moving it can be used as a source of support for the tummy line of the baby.

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