The Frequency By Which You Check Out Purity Of Drinking Water?

A major stumbling block to ensure that you consume safe and clean drinking water is to check out purity of water. Eureka Forbes aquaguard customer care Number Chennai can guide you about purity of water if you hand them over a sample of water. In addition they could send across skilled professionals to your place to check out how pure water is. As per prescribed health standards is the water within permissible limits? How are you aware that drinking water could pose a risk to your health? How can you check out purity of water that you drink on a daily basis?

If you are clueless then it is obvious that you do not have any idea about harmful impurities that are present in drinking water. In modern times when bottled water is available, people do not pay a lot of attention to supply of clean water to their home. From a logical point of view a water purifier seems to be a worthy solution. This purifies the water and makes it safe for consumption. You also need to take stock of the various kinds of technologies that are used to purify water. This would also depend on the kind of water that you have access

Ro technology

If water is to be purified for domestic purposes you can incorporate RO technology. To have a better idea about this process be aware about total dissolved salts. In unfiltered water TDS is a composition of organic along with inorganic substances. When excess salts are present in water it tastes salty and goes by the name of brackish water.

There is a membrane is place which filters out dissolved solids or be it invisible substances like bacteria. In this technology water passes at a high pressure through the membrane that traps the harmful impurities present in water. Through the minute pores of the membrane clean water reaches out to a container. The degree of salts and minerals are reduced making it to manageable proportions.

This type of water purifier is suitable in homes where TDS is on the higher side. In addition high end contaminants like lead or arsenic do call for the use of such technology

UV technology

The water that is obtained from Municipal Corporation warrants the use of such technology. It combats disease prone bacteria or germs that make the water safe to be drunk. In addition new age contaminants like lead are also removed by this method.

In present day context it is really hard to figure out what is there is in drinking water. As source associated with water changes frequently customers have to make a choice between UV and RV technology. Eventually it boils down to the TDS level that makes it way to your home, so a better choice would be to opt for a water purifier which combines both the technologies together. Most of the water purifiers are available at an affordable budget, but no compromise in relation to quality of water.

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