The Great Wintry Outdoors Fashions of 2017

For many, January and February are the gloomy aftermath to the holidays. They are death-by-chocolate hangovers that seem to linger until long after Valentine’s Day.

What these naysayers fail to realize is that, once you get past the initial shock of taking down the decorations, the days are slowly, gradually getting longer. There’s a crisp edge to the air that suggests the best is yet to come. January and February are in fact the perfect months to get outside and make the most of our glorious countryside: before it gets too warm, before your thoughts are taken up with weddings, barbecues and organizing your summer holiday.

Is there anything more glorious, more awe-inspiring, more likely to make you want to cry ‘Huzzah for St. George!’ than the English countryside? Picture it in the depths of winter, an icy, fantastical landscape that breathes thousands of years of glorious history. You can almost see knights in shining armour on distant hilltops;you can imagine bands of merry men capering through the trees.

If, like me, you like nothing better than throwing on a pair of wellies and getting outside with the dogs on a frosty winter’s afternoon, then you may well be planning to stock up on your outdoors wear for the rest of the winter. It’s a good idea to buy a few key pieces now, after all, whilst the sales are still on.

So, what’s hot to wear in the great outdoors in 2014?If we take a look at Naylor’s equestrian clearance we see that Barbour jackets are, as always, simply a must-have item. Their waxed outer coats and quilted interiors make them the perfect choice for braving any kind of weather in, and there is a style, cut and colour to suit every wearer. Perhaps you might like the Barbour Ladies Print Winter Liddesdale jacket, or the Paddock jacket if you spend a lot of time outside with the horses.

For your feet, consider investing in a super-stylish pair of brown or black knee-high leather boots. They’ll keep your feet nice and dry and work equally well with jodhpurs, jeans or tights, so you can wear them on lots of different wintry occasions. If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty, why not invest in a pair of thermal boots? With a fleecy lining, your feet will be toasty, whatever the temperature.

If the weather does heat up by a few degrees, then a stylish gilet makes a great alternative to a heavy coat. Checked shirts and trapper hats are hot right now, as is accessorising with a gorgeous cable knit headband and a tartan lambswoool scarf. Don’t forget to invest in some decent gloves to keep your hands warm. Should you feel a little down because spring is so far away, you could always cheer yourself up by buying a funky floral bag to see you through – florals are all the rage, despite the season!

Hopefully, these tips will help you to look super-stylish this winter and give you the chance to enjoy our beautiful countryside!

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