Boots Are In This Summer!

When people think of boots they rarely think of them as summer wear. However, in 2013 that looks set to change.

Several footwear designers have come up with boots specifically made for summer. The footwear industry has realised that there is potentially a big market for lightweight boots that are comfortable to wear in the summer as well as in the winter.

Here we take a quick look at why designers are exploring this new market, and at some of the styles that are already available.

Cooler summers

The fact that the weather is more mixed than it once was is the main reason footwear designers now believe that there is a potential market for summer boots. In many countries, summers are becoming cooler.

Take the UK as an example, five of the six summers since 2006 have been cooler than normal as well as wetter. It looks like 2013 will be even worse. Temperatures have remained stubbornly low across much of the UK.

This picture is repeated across most of northern Europe. Even some southern parts of Europe are experiencing cooler weather. Southern Spain has had its lowest spring and summer temperatures since records began. They are also still experiencing occasional rain showers in June, something that has not happened for decades.

Naturally, this change in the weather means that people are changing how they dress. Rather than having completely separate summer and winter wardrobes, most people are now having to keep their winter clothes to hand, including their boots. On warm days, they get out the sandals, but if it looks like it will rain, or that the evening will be cool, the boots come out.

New Design Ideas

However, footwear designers know that not everyone wants to wear heavy winter boots during the summer, even on wet days. As a result, many are coming up with alternative designs to give wearers the best of both worlds.

They are producing boots with sections of the leather cut away, for example with no toe, or with patches removed from the upper. This approach provides ventilation and means that the boots blend in better with lighter summer clothes. Some designers have taken it further using a series of straps to form the back of the boot rather than a solid panel of material. These boots look great and are comfortable to wear in the summer.

That said, my favourite summer boots are actually the knee-high ones made by Gipsy Dharma. They make stylish leather boots for women who want quality footwear, which looks and feels fantastic, but does not cost a fortune.

The leather they use is highly coloured, so their boots look wonderful with summer clothes. They use strong, yet lightweight and soft leather, which allows your feet to breath. The fact that their boots lace up from the foot to the knee allows you to adjust how tight they are.

If you are looking for something new to add to your summer wardrobe, take a look at boots. You will be pleasantly surprised by the level of choice and will wonder why you have never worn summer boots before.

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