Breast Augmentation And How It Can Improve Your Looks

Today, many females are not satisfied with their physical appearance. This is the reason they consult plastic surgeon for making changes in their appearance. Among the changes they usually undergo, breast augmentation is common one. This procedure helps in enhancing the size as well as volume of the breast through transferring fat to the breast from any other part in the body or through breast implants.  These procedures help in improving the physical appearance of the women. Along with this, it also boosts their self esteem to great extent. For more information one can consult plastic surgeon Utah.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgically performed procedure which helps in improving the shape of the breast through enhancing fullness and size. There are two main methods used in this breast augmentation. They are

  • One of the methods used here is through inserting implants below the muscle of the breasts.
  • The second method is by using the fat from other part of the body, which is transferred into the breast area.

Usually women prefer to undergo these procedures after having a baby. This is because when they breast feed usually they face the issue of breast sagging. Other than this women who are having one breast larger than the other, also prefer to undergo this surgery. Through this method they can achieve symmetrical appearance in their chest area. The other case when women go for this surgery is one who had cancer in the past and has undergone breast removal. In this case breast augmentation can help them to have breasts implanted. These are the main reasons for which women undergo breast augmentation. For more details consult plastic surgeon Utah.

In case of implants, there are two main methods. One uses silicone and the other uses saline option. In the first case they use soft elastic gel. This help in creating the natural feel. These are also available in different sizes and shapes. Before the procedure, experts fill them. In the second method, they use sterile water. This is comparatively safe. In case of rupture they will absorb water. But compared to silicone alternative these have less natural appearance.

Things to know:

  • One must undergo a blood test before they agree for breast augmentation. This is to confirm that everything is fine.
  • Doctors must be informed about the medications in use.
  • One must give all the details properly otherwise it may affect the procedure. Along with this, improper details about the health can put well being and health at risk.
  • Based on the details given and the blood test, doctors will tell whether to go with the breast augmentation or not.
  • In the procedure doctors will do an incision to raise the tissue of the breast
  • After that on top of pectoral muscle, he will create a pocket just underneath breast tissue
  • In some cases, this will be under the pectoral muscle which will make the breastfeeding easier.
  • Finally they will place the implants in the right place in the pocket and later close the incision.

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