10 Images You Must Include In Your Wedding Photographs

If you’re planning your wedding soon, there’s a lot going on in your head. However, when it comes to booking a photographer, bear these following shots in mind and be sure your photographer can include them in your wedding photo collection. They will make the most stunning images to treasure forever.

Stunning landmarks

Tying the knot by the sea, on the beach or in a countryside bliss, if you’re anywhere near a beautiful landmark, be sure to include it in your photo shoot. This is sure to create a breath-taking image when taken by a professional photographer.

Beautiful venue

Is there a unique, unusual or stunning feature about the venue you’ve chosen for your big day? If there are huge, imposing windows, interesting architectural elements or a spiral staircase for example, make the most of your exclusive access to these areas and include them in your shots.

Floral arch

These are a popular choice for their sheer romance and atmosphere. Lit from behind, with beautiful flowers, a flower arch makes a perfect backdrop for a timeless photo you’ll always treasure.

Bride only

A well-known shot is the one featuring the bride on her own, ideally set against a backdrop of dramatic scenery, with a mysterious gaze into the distance or a romantic whip of the veil. Don’t forget to include this pose in your collection.


A special moment frozen in time is what we’re all seeking, so ask about the use of shutter speed photography to create breath-taking results. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, contact Bournemouth Wedding Photographer Nick Rutter.

Natural light

The sun can sometimes be a burden to the photographer, but it can also serve as a dramatic part of nature that can greatly enhance an image. See if your photographer can capture some special natural moments like the sun breaking through clouds or a beautiful sunset.

Confetti shower

This is a must-have shot at most weddings and as an action shot, can look fantastic when captured right. It’s a key magical moment and to get it right, you might need to prep your guests to hold on to their confetti until the photographer is ready. You don’t need to worry about the photo looking staged, you just want the photographer in position to capture the beautiful shower of light and colour.

The kiss


Without doubt, the most special and romantic shot. Whether you’re stood by sunlight reflected from a lake or your backdrop is a city skyline – this is a must to complete your collection.

Singing in the rain

Most people dread the prospect of rain on their big day, but don’t pass up on the opportunity should the heavens open. Sparkling raindrops can make for a beautiful and romantic backdrop.

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