Hero Of The Textile And Fashion Industry

Clothes form an interesting part of the evolution of human. The prehistoric human used animal skins and plantation to protect himself from the cold and heat. Clothing was the form of protection in that era. With evolution of human, the clothes they used gradually grew and different techniques were implemented. The materials used by human varied according to the region of his existence. For instance, Indians specialised in making of cotton clothes, Chinese was the makers of Silk, and the list went on. Each civilisation has their own clothing trends and was experts in the trade. There are also instances of trade between countries.

The first sewing machine was founded 40,000 years ago. Technology and industrialization has created various modifications in the machine. The art of sewing has grown from twigs to hand looms to modern bernina sewing machines. Sewing has changed the course of the textile and fashion industry. Imagine wrapping ourselves in a sheet of fabric. The early individual used twigs to sew leaves and animal skins together. Later Handlooms and spindles were used to extract threads and needles were used to sew and hold them together. Notable developments were made in each era and the techniques and utilization of the resources increased with invention of machinery.  Industrial revolution contributed hugely to the development in the sewing culture. Huge machines were implemented in the production of clothes. Transportation has also played a major role in the transfer of products and ideas.

There was remarkable growth of the Textile and Fashion industry in the 19th century. Sewing machines underwent various changes for precision and compatibility. The latest in line is the Bernina Sewing Machines. This range of sewing machines supports the user to do sewing, quilting, embroidery, Long arm Quilting and lots more. The machine is available in various series to cater to all class and needs of the consumer. Each series has a couple of models with special features and options. There have over 20 models and every model is designed to relieve the pain points of the consumer. The designs are unique and error free to the point of precision. The technology used is of world class standards and enhances durability. The machines range from semi-automatic to fully automated options. The casing used is rust free and robust. It is easily portable and consumes less electricity. The company is over a century old and has been an industry leader redefining the standards of the industry. The brand has been a preferred household name for various home makers and fashion experts.  Some of the notable models of the company which specializes in Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery are Bernina 880 Plus , Bernina 770 QE,  Bernina 550 QE, etc. The company also has a range of sewing accessories. Bernina Sewing Machines has been the leading in the sewing industry through their dedication, maintenance of quality, reliability, product life and innovation. The textile and fashion industry is all set to go to the next level. Bernina Sewing Machines will undeniably play a major role in it.

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