Using Different Printing Methods To Make Your Tote Bag Stand Out

Printed tote bags add value to your marketing strategy; communicating key messages and increasing brand awareness. However, have you ever considered the different printed methods used and how they can make your tote bag stand out? Let’s take a closer look, below. 

Spot Colour Printing

If your design or company logo is a single colour, then spot colour printing is the best method to use. The spot colour is created without dots or screens and made from a palette made up of 14 basic colours. Each of these colours are mixed according to the formula created by Pantone. 

If you are looking for a clean and crisp print on your tote bags to make them stand out, the solid spot colours will do exactly that. The bold statement of the colour will ensure that your tote bag engages customers and is appealing to them, so they want to use the bags over and over again. 

Transfer Printing 

Regardless of how intricate or how many colours your design has, transfer printing allows you to have any logo or image printed onto your tote bags. This gives you complete versatility to alter your branding to be in line with seasonal marketing campaigns. It also means that you don’t have to settle for any finished product and can ensure that your tote bags portray an image your business wants to showcase to its customers. 

The transfer printing method doesn’t take too long, so you can have your design or image printed onto as many tote bags you want. Firstly the design you choose is printed onto heat transfer paper and positioned on the tote bag where you want it printed. From here, the paper is pushed against the fabric of the tote bag using a heat press. The press is then lifted and the bag is allowed to cool. Then all you need to do is get your bags out there and you are sure to have bags that are unique and stand out from your competitors. 

Screen Printing 

Screen printing involves using mesh to transfer the ink onto the tote bag to print the logo or image. Printing companies use impermeable block stencils to prevent the ink from going where it shouldn’t and to ensure that your tote bag looks exactly as you want it to. This technique is used for a variety of different industries and is ideal for creating a bold statement on your custom tote bags. 

It’s important that your printed tote bags stand out in order to get ahead of your competitors. Customers are more likely to use your bag more often if your design is bold, clear and executed professionally. Once your customers have purchased your tote bags, they will be representing your brand and business wherever they are used. Due to this, your bag should be eye-catching and showcase exactly what your brand is, as well as its key messages. If you design a printed tote bag that is appealing, this will encourage your customers to use the bag more, which will help your brand to reach more people.

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