The Importance Of Lanyards For Brand Promotion

From a corporate meeting to a trade show, the neck lanyards is one of simplest yet effective means to ensure one authorised personnel and participants a particular venue. Additionally, act as a tool for promotion, marketing your event within the radius of 20 kilometres. Not just special occasions, they provided by employers worldwide to their employees, to keep their identity cards. A neck lanyard can keep numbers of things, like the cellphone, a bottle opener, your identity card, in simple terms, the things you wish to tag along everywhere. Here, in this post, we throw light on some valid highlights why these card holders are worthy gifts for clients and employees.

High Visibility

If you want to market your brand or company without spending big bucks, then there is no better way than identity straps. Not only they carry identity cards, they have your business logo worn by your clients and workers. Is there any better marketing strategy than identity straps? Probably not, because of all visiting cards, people throw off your gift, as these are high usable stuff. For a second, imagine, you have gifted a lanyard to every customer who purchased from your stall, then they are walking around the entire trade show arena. Aren’t they are moving free of cost commercials or your brand. And, what’s great, these are hanging in front, they are hard to overlook for just about anyone and probably won’t go unnoticed peeping to have a glimpse of your brand. And, you can always ask the employees of your company to wear them all day along, these will make them look professional while they sell the products.


Another big feature about these card holders is that they aren’t expensive. In comparison to other promotional means, you won’t have to spend big for these, they are very much affordable. And, if you buy in buy numbers from a trusted manufacturer in your region, you can have them for cheap, with each one costing a peanut to you. Additionally, they won’t feel the pain, if your employees come with broken card holders. There are many manufacturing companies nowadays, offering customised solutions to help business better promote their brand. All you require is to get in touch with them and discuss your requirement and agree on something good and feasible.


The lanyards are convenient means to wear a company’s brand on your neck, ensuring the identity card or keys are safe and secure. They are far more convenient than searching your bag or pockets for keys or identity card, your employees don’t have to stress about it every-time. Another perk is they are hanging in front, so your employees can perform their duties without any hindrance.

At the end of the above three highlights, it is no brainer to say the lanyards are a valuable investment for companies looking to promote their business, for a dime. One thing you need to make sure is to hire a reputed manufacturer for quality.

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